Our mission is to bring historical events to life through Art, Music, Dance, Literature and Film.
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"When I speak to our youth and tell them the facts about our history, how we were kings and queens, rulers, builders, scientists, doctors and explorers thousands of years before enslavement, they are always left in awe." Darren Campbell
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From the time we enter elementary school, we learn about the great and diverse history of this nation. We learn about George Washington’s battles with the British, Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence and Benjamin Franklin’s inventions.

In the 1970’s Black History Month replaced Black History Week to expand our knowledge of the contributions of African Americans to the American society. Unfortunately, in too many classrooms across America, Black History Month is limited to a history of enslavement and civil rights. Such neglect is a tragedy for students of all races and backgrounds as it offers a linear view of America’s colorful past.
The Simone Club is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization. Our mission is to bring historical events to life through the Arts. We also provide mentoring, lecturers and group sessions to at-risk youth.
A Slave Story
The Gullah People
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