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New Book Depicts History through the Eyes of a Slave

Charleston, SC, 2013ó A Slave Story: From Africa to Charleston (only $10.99 on Amazon) is a book that gives young readers an unprecedented view of America through the eyes of a slave named Amadu. Teachers, parents and, in fact, all elementary and middle school kids will love learning about the significant role Charleston and the slave trade played in the formation of this exceptional nation. I decided to write this book because I couldnít find books for young readers that teach them about the contributions and sacrifices that were made by the enslaved to the structuring of our society.

A Slave Story opens with a ten-year-old girl named Simone learning history from her teacher Mrs. Singleton. Simone is eager to teach others what she learns. She narrates about the history of enslavement and introduces Amadu, an African warrior captured by slave hunters and forced into a life of enslavement. His story begins in the early 1700ís on an old slave ship heading to the New World. Through narration, Amadu describes his home, work, other slaves and plantation life.

A Slave Story gives parents and educators the perfect vehicle for introducing our heritage to kids eight and up. This insightful history and civics lesson will be a favorite among classrooms and families alike. Kids will learn a little more about early farming, African culture and the vast economy that enslavement produced.

These beautifully illustrated lessons show some of the things that make America a diverse nation. Itís fun for kids, too. It comes with word games and a read a-long CD filled with traditional music and sound effects. We are proud of what makes America great. Now Simone and Amadu can remind our children of our cultural and historical foundations. Take a trip through history with Simone!

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A Slave Story
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